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Is Costume Role Play a Good Idea for Your Relationship?

Costume role play can be fun and exciting
Costume role play can be fun and exciting

Being in a relationship requires work to make it last. In between working, social activities, and kids, your sex life can fall to the wayside and a couple of months pass since you've had sex with each other. One way to get it back on track is to try role-playing in costume. Before you think it's something crazy people do or you're not sure where it fits into you and your lover's lives, here are four reasons why it could help your relationship.

It Opens Up Communication

One of the biggest problems in relationships is lack of communication. Costume role play can help out by pretending you're someone else, which gives you a "mask" to wear. Stuck on what to say? Talk to your psychic online for tips. Start by bringing it up as you’re getting ready for bed. Tell him how he makes you feel, and that you had a naughty thought. He'll be curious about what it is, and then you can give more details. He may even want to share something!

You Explore Fantasies You Have

You've thought about having sex with a firefighter, but you won't actually go through with it and cheat on your lover. When you a role play in a costume, you let your fantasies run wild. Have him dress up as a firefighter, and act out a scene where he has to rescue you from a burning building. It turns you both on pretending you are someone else. It's a way to get your imagination going without the guilt of doing something you would regret.

You Feel More Confident

It is hard to talk to your lover about new things you may want to try, such as getting a little rough in the bedroom. If you were someone else, however, then he can focus on the character and not you. Wearing costumes while role-playing help you to have your lover think it's someone else he's doing these things to. You're able to tell him what you want and how you want it. It's an ego boost for you knowing you took control and made him go crazy.

You Have a Healthier Sex Life

A healthy sex life leads to less stress, lower blood pressure, and a happy relationship. Sex is also a way to connect with your partner because you are becoming one and being intimate. But you might feel like sex has become a chore that you have to do, and you have a routine in bed. Instead of doing the same things in bed, you're now trying different things, and your senses re-awaken. A live psychic can help you find the confidence to approach your partner, as well as encourage your healthy sex life by trying new things.

Performing role play with costumes is a way for couples to express their inner most desires, and feel closer to their partner. You feel more excited to have sex with your partner and feel great yourself. If you are thinking about spicing up your sex life, these reasons may help you decide if costume role play is right for you.

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All "Relationships & Sex" Posts
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