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Is Your Relationship Right for You? by Psychic Rosanna

Is he worth holding on to?
Is he worth holding on to?
The butterflies you feel in the pit of your stomach are wonderful. But there are also other ways to tell if your relationship is right for you. Ask yourself the following questions in order to decide if your love relationship is headed in the right direction.

1. Do you miss your partner when they’re not with you? If you have an obsession and constantly think of what they’re up to when they’re gone, it may be a sign that you’re having trust issues. Trust is the foundation of a healthy relationship.

2. Do family and friends think the relationship is a good idea? Family and friends are often very objective in their view of your relationship. Get their input. If your loved ones don’t approve from the beginning, it may be a big red flag. Please don't tell them all about a minor spat or when you both disagree on something. When you "complain" about your relationship, even over minor things, this will make them biased.

3. Do you place more importance on your relationship, or yourself? A successful love relationship usually involves a couple that thinks “us” over “me”. It’s important to think of the both of you as a unit. Shared dreams about the future are important in a relationship.

4. How is your sex life? The couples that are comfortable and spontaneous in their sex life have more fulfilling relationships. Communicate with each other about your intimate desires.

5. Do your share common core values? Views on parenting, handling money, spiritual beliefs, children, fidelity, etc. are examples of some important core values that should be shared.

6. How do you handle disagreements? You don’t have to agree on everything. However, when there is a problem, communication and consideration of your mate's feelings and viewpoint is the key to a healthy love relationship.

Every relationship has its ups and downs. I will be able to help identify and improve those areas that are the little bumps in the road to a successful, fulfilling relationship. Love relationships are my specialty. I’ll help you in all areas that you need insight and clarity.
Author's Photo by Rosanna x7799
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All "Relationships & Sex" Posts
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