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Picking the Perfect Engagement Ring

Are you ready to pop the question?
Are you ready to pop the question?
Fellas, are you ready to ask your girlfriend one of life's most important questions? No, it's not "What's for dinner, honey?" - we're talking about the big kahuna: "Will you marry me?" This is a serious time, so you don't want to mess up. How can you be sure to get your gal the exact ring she wants?

Considering that you're supposed to spend about three months' salary on an engagement ring, you better be sure to get this one right. Think back - has your girl mentioned anything about the kinds of styles she likes? Has she commented on a friend's ring or quipped anything about her desires when an engagement jewelry commercial came on TV? If you know she's after a certain type of ring, get it for her!

If she's kept you in the dark about her preferences, think about the other jewelry she owns. Does she wear mostly gold? She might prefer a gold engagement ring, rather than one made of platinum or silver. If she has lots of big, ostentatious pieces, she'll probably want some serious bling. If, on the other hand, her jewels are mostly subtle, you might want to stay away from a giant rock and go for something smaller but equally sparkling.

For more advice, contact a psychic. Our gifted psychics can use their powers of intuition to help you figure out which ring will have your girlfriend - ahem, fiancee - smiling. 
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All "Relationships & Sex" Posts
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