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Surviving as a Single Mom or Dad

Children and parents can thrive in single-parent homes with their right mindset.
Children and parents can thrive in single-parent homes with their right mindset.

When Lynne was 32, with a 9-year-old and almost-two-year-old, her husband left. With him, he took 90 percent of the income and left 90 percent of the bills. Lynne had no family support and no one to help. Though it wasn't easy, Lynne, now in her 40s, has her own home, her oldest daughter is happily married, and her youngest is a happy child making straight A's in school and developing her artistic talents. How can you turn what looks like an impossible challenge into a heart-warming success story like Lynne's? Here are her tried-and-true words of wisdom. 

Do Take Good Care of Yourself 

Parenting is hard -- even when you have a partner and solid support system. Without these things, it seems impossible. Many parents focus on everything the children need and fail to take care of themselves. The truth is, if you don't care for yourself, you won't be able to care for your children. Eat well. Sleep well. Take time for long baths, read a book, have dinner with a friend, or take classes in something you're interested in. Give yourself what you need so you'll be healthy and strong to provide enough to provide the kids with what they need. Having trouble balancing your needs and theirs? Speak to a psychic advisor

Don't Fall Into the Guilt Trap 

Even children with two parents working together don't always get everything they want. The kids that do always get everything they desire are the spoiled brats you can't stand in the grocery store. Realize that when you can't give them everything, it simply teaches them that they aren't entitled to every whim of their hearts. Don't put yourself in a financial bind or wear yourself out trying to meet their every wish. Say no sometimes -- without feeling guilty -- it's a good life lesson. 

Do Be Selective About Dating 

No matter how much you believe your kids need a second parent, it is far more devastating to bring someone unhealthy into their lives than it is for them to go on with just one parent. When you date (which you should), get to know the person extremely well before introducing them to your kids. If there are any warning signs that the relationship, or that their influence on your kids, isn't 100 percent healthy and positive, call it quits. You can always discuss it with your psychic if you're in doubt about the person. 

Don't Over-Burden Your Kids 

It's good to be honest with kids, such as telling them, "No, I'm sorry, we can't afford that," or, "No, I won't have time to do that because I have to take your sister to the doctor." But don't burden your children with your pain and loneliness. Kids aren't emotionally mature enough to deal with adult problems and shouldn't have to worry about whether you have enough money to pay the bills or whether you're lonely. Remember, even if the child is mature for their age (which kids from single-parent homes tend to be), that doesn't mean they're ready to deal with deep matters of the heart. 

Do Encourage Your Kids to Develop Healthy Relationships 

Teachers, coaches, neighbors, members of your clubs or religious organizations -- all these people can be a positive influence on your child and help fill that hole left by the other parent. Give your kids opportunities to foster relationships like these. However, do be aware of unhealthy influences. If a person in your child's life doesn't seem right, check it out. 

With the right mindset and attitude, children from single-parent homes can be just as fulfilled, happy, and successful as those from two-parent homes. Lynne and her kids prove it! 

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