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Understanding What Men Really Want in a Woman

Many women wonder what men want.
Many women wonder what men want.
Single women typically ask themselves the age-old question when the going gets tough on dating scene: what do men really want? Although guys could similarly pose the same question to women, it seems as though females remain continually lost when it comes to decoding the thought-process of their male counterparts.

A recent survey conducted by AskMen.com may give women a little more insight into this conundrum. The questionnaire asked more than 70,000 men to rank loyalty, humor, nurturing and intelligence in order of importance when it comes to a significant other.

According to the data collected, 35 percent of men said that loyalty is a top priority for them. Approximately 22 percent of them had humor at the top of their list, while nurturing and intelligence came in around the same percentage as well.

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All "Relationships & Sex" Posts
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