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What a Psychic Can and Can't Tell You About Love

If you're looking for love, your psychic can help.
If you're looking for love, your psychic can help.

Psychics are frequently asked about love and relationships, but there’s only so much an authentic psychic can really tell you. While it can be extremely beneficial to speak to a psychic about your love life, it’s important to understand the limitations of this conversation so you can guide it in the most beneficial direction possible.

Are we compatible?

If you’re calling a psychic alone, she can access your spirit guide, but may not have as much information about the partner or potential partner that you’re asking about. The information available on this topic will be limited to what your own personal spirit guide has to offer. If the person you’re interested in is extremely important to your life or a potential match for you, it’s more likely that your psychic will be able to reveal this. If they’re of no real importance in your life’s journey, the details are often more limited.

Where should we go from here?

If you’re in a relationship already and wondering whether you should stay the course or call it quits, a psychic can give you some excellent guidance for the next steps in your journey. A love psychic may let you know that this is an extremely important relationship that’s worth the effort it may take to work through your current issues, or she may tell you that there’s a greater love awaiting you further down your path.

What will happen to us next?

This question is more difficult to answer. Psychics cannot tell the future because nothing is set in stone. Every possible outcome depends on the decisions of dozens of people who are directly involved in it. The next step in your relationship depends on your decisions, your partner’s decisions, and perhaps even the decisions of some third parties. If that girl at the coffee shop decides to approach you, your path could take a radical turn that it wouldn't if she never said hello.

What are they thinking?

Psychics do not read minds. If you want to know exactly what your partner is thinking right now, the only way to find out is to ask. You may have better luck if you ask your psychic advisor what your partner is feeling. Feelings are easier to read. From there, the psychic may or may not be able to get to the cause of those feelings.

Is our relationship in a good place?

Your psychic can help you see your relationship from an unbiased perspective. She also has the added benefit of seeing your life’s chart with some of the potential occurrences mapped out. Your spirit guide may have an opinion to share here as well. Your psychic can probably offer some insight into your current situation as well as advice on how to make it better.

A psychic can tell you a lot about love, but you still have to take your life in your own hands to make things happen.

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All "Relationships & Sex" Posts
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