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When Is Divorce the Right Option? by Hollywood Psychics

If you're considering divorce, think about the implications first.
If you're considering divorce, think about the implications first.
In the heat of a fight, or after a string of several, divorce may seem like a good way out. However, it's not the type of decision that you can simply snap your fingers and call it done. Instead, it's a serious life-changing decision. If you've contemplated divorce, consider these tips to help you decide if it's the right option for you.

Inability to Work Out Problems

Getting along with anyone you spend a lot of time with is tough. Just think about all the drama you and your girlfriends go through. Marriage is no exception. Almost every married couple argues, and if you haven't been in an argument with your spouse, then you haven't been married for any real length of time. The true problem arises when couples can't work out their problems. Check out these signs that you're not working things out:

   • You never finish an argument with your spouse before
     someone walks away from it.
   • You never come to any sort of agreement or compromise.
   • You avoid each other so that you won't fight.
   • You constantly go to bed angry. 

If you're having trouble working out issues, get third-party involved, such as your psychic or a marriage counselor, to help you work through it. If you've tried third-party advice and attempted to work out your problems but nothing is getting resolved, then it could be time to file some paperwork.

Negative Affects on Children

Many people stay together because they have kids together and they think that, if they split up, it will have negative effects on the children. The truth is, staying together could be even worse for your kids. For many children, it's better to have their parents separate than to listen to their constant fighting. What's more, staying in an unhappy relationship can cause you to lose sight of your children's needs. If your marriage is affecting your children in a negatively, then you might consider breaking it off.


MSN.com reports that infidelity is the number three reason for divorce, with 55 percent of exes saying that this is the reason they split up with their former partner. Cheating compromises your trust in each other and damages the unique bond that you share. If infidelity is a problem in your relationship, and it's something you can't get past, perhaps it's time to call it quits.

But don't call off the marriage just yet. Not everyone splits because of infidelity, and oftentimes you can work things out; in fact, 65 percent of couples stay together after an affair, according to YourTango. Find someone other than your spouse to confide in and get a second opinion from, such as by getting psychic advice, to help you work through the problem instead of calling off your relationship in a fit of anger.
Whatever reasons lead to your possible divorce, make sure to try working past your issues before calling it off, but if you're in one of the mentioned situations, perhaps it's time to get serious about changing your life.
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All "Relationships & Sex" Posts
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