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5 Things to Ask Your Psychic Before Taking a New Job

It might be tempting to take the job, but consider everything that goes into it first.
It might be tempting to take the job, but consider everything that goes into it first.
For several years, the job market has been difficult due to the economic recession. People were forced to accept any job offer they were lucky enough to get. But the tide is turning, and workers no longer have to accept just any job offer that comes along. But before you accept your new position, take a minute to consult a 3rd party for answers. Here are some handy questions to ask your psychic before saying yes to that new job.

1. Is the Pay Commensurate With Your Education, Skills, and Experience? 
Women typically undersell themselves when accepting job offers. They are less likely to ask for more money or additional benefits than their male counterparts. A college degree is worth a lot, as are previous experience in the field or industry and special skills, such as a second language or knowledge of certain computer systems and software. Don't sell yourself short! Have a psychic chat about your true worth to the company. 

2. Will the Benefits be Sufficient for Your Needs? 
Healthcare, retirement packages, and other benefits don't seem as important as the paycheck when you're young and healthy. In today's social, political, and economic climates, the future of health care packages is up in the air, and retirement packages aren't a sure bet anymore. Get your psychic's perspective on the benefits package you're being offered to help determine if it will meet your long-term needs. 

3. Is the Corporate Culture One You'll Enjoy? 
Another mistake to avoid is focusing solely on the pay and benefits, without paying attention to whether or not you'll enjoy working there. Do you fit in with the corporate culture there? Are you even sure what the culture is? Will you enjoy working with these people in this environment? These are all important questions to bring up with your psychic. 

4. Will Your Bosses Be Fair and Recognize Your Talents? 
Closely associated with the corporate culture is management's personality. What management style do the bosses at this workplace follow? Which style of management are you most likely to respond positively to? Since it's difficult to judge some of these things in a relatively brief interview or two, it's a good idea to get some psychic advice on whether you'll thrive under this leadership. 

5. Will You Be Happy There Over the Long Term? 
When you desperately need and want a job today, it's hard to picture what you will need and want five or ten years from now. Is this company growing? Are there opportunities for advancement? Are there possibilities for travel or furthering your education or learning new skills? If these growth experiences are important to you, you'll want to sign on with a company that can offer them. Speak to your psychic about your future with the firm, not just the present situation. 
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