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Getting a Promotion

Work hard if you're hoping for a promotion.
Work hard if you're hoping for a promotion.
So you've been putting in a lot of extra hours at work and giving every project 110 percent of your effort. You're dedicated to your job, full of great ideas and bursting with enthusiasm for the company. There's just one problem: Your job title and pay grade don't quite match all the work you're doing.

It can be nerve-wracking to ask your boss for a raise or a promotion, especially if the guy or gal in charge isn't exactly known for suffering fools. In most cases, it's best to bite the bullet, meet with your boss and discuss all the ways that you can contribute to the company in a new position with more responsibilities. Don't go in unprepared - think about everything you want to say beforehand, and be ready to answer questions about your performance.

If you're not quite ready to speak to the head honcho, just keep working away. If you're putting in your best, somebody is bound to notice!

To see if great things await you at the office, contact a psychic. Our talented psychics can peer into the future to see if a promotion awaits you, or if you'll need to suck it up and ask for one.
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All "Work & Money" Posts
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