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How to Maintain a Work-life Balance

How to maintain a work-life balance
How to maintain a work-life balance
Sometimes it feels like work occupies far more than its fair share of your brain (and body). Do you wake up stressed about meetings or spend your Saturday morning on the company email?

In order to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle you have to mentally draw a line between work and home, according to Marie Claire. Picture a filing cabinet in which you place all your work thoughts and close it once you reach home.

Try making friends with people outside of your profession, the magazine suggests. This will add more variety to your day-to-day interactions and allow you to more easily socialize outside of the office.

Make your home a sanctuary for your mind. Whether you're preparing a meal or reading a novel, try to create a soothing and relaxing environment in which you can enjoy your hobbies and pursue your interests.

If you're still having trouble separating your home-life from the office, a psychic reading may help clear your mind and offer you solutions on how to lead a more balanced lifestyle. 
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All "Work & Money" Posts
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