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Overwhelmed at Work

Is work getting to be more than you can handle?
Is work getting to be more than you can handle?
When we're first starting out in the workplace, many of us are eager to prove what we're made of. We're ready for promotions, raises and tons of new responsibility. But what if things start happening really fast, and you realize you've bitten off a little more than you can chew?

Feeling like you've gotten in over your head at work is frustrating. You don't feel like you can get everything done, but you might be afraid to talk to your boss or supervisor about it for fear of being ridiculed or even losing your job. Still, failing to finish all of the tasks assigned to you could put you in even greater jeopardy! You'll need to speak up if you want to salvage your professional life.

Choose your words carefully. Instead of asking for less work, tell your boss that you could use extra help. This shows that you're committed to getting everything done yourself, even if you need an assistant to pitch in - not that you want to shirk your responsibilities. Reassure your boss that you'll do everything you can to complete the tasks before you, and prove it by working late when you need to get things done.

For guidance, try contacting a psychic. Our psychics can look into the future to see if your boss is giving you more than you can handle, or if this is the perfect opportunity to push yourself and discover your true abilities.
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All "Work & Money" Posts
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