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Party Gal to Career Woman: Making the Transition by Hollywood Psychics

Be more professional starting today!
Be more professional starting today!
Okay, college was awesome. Your memories are fresh with parties, makeout sessions, and the occasional tattoo. But, you've graduated now and all that's in the past. You're ready for adult responsibility (right?). You want the killer office and to climb the ladder to success, however, you'll need to convince everyone (including yourself) that you're a new, grown up woman. Here are some tips for the transition:

Address How You Dress
You may have the same brain and college degree in your ratty jeans or mini skirt as you do wearing a business suit, but good luck convincing prospective employers, your boyfriend's parents, and your parents of that. Catch a couple of makeover shows on HGTV. Learn how to rock a pair of pumps and invest in some sleek pants suits and skirt ensembles. Business clothes needn't be boring, but they should look professional

Steer clear of the how-low-can-you-go tops and opt for conservative styles in fun fabrics and colors. Silk and satin make you feel sexy even when you're covered up. Go for skirts that hit the knee or below, or try some sexy new pants suits. Blazers are a great way to look like a pro yet still feel fashionable.

Talk the Talk
You're leaving the world of careless text messaging and tough street talk. Now you're in the land of, "Pleased to meet you," and, "Certainly, sir." Yes, you'll feel like a stuffed shirt until you get used to it. But second only to your appearance, you'll be judged by the way you speak. If you're totally unsure what's expected to come out of your mouth versus what's not, start hanging out in bookstores and upscale coffee shops. Eavesdrop on professionals interacting and try to mimic their banter. Unsure how you're coming across to others. Get a psychic reading and find out.

Clean Up the Social Networking Profiles
Increasingly, employers are looking into job candidates' social media presence before hiring. You'll need to remove the pics of the keg parties, Beyoncé impersonation, and tattoo of the Greek sex goddess Aphrodite. After you revamp your own online reputation, start tracking down photos others have tagged you in that could be unflattering.

Cleaning up online is time-consuming, but so are job searches. Don't miss that call back because you didn't clean up your profiles. Also, de-friend anyone who insists on posting obscenities, radical political views, or pornography. Unsure which of your relationships are healthy for your new image? Get some psychic advice.

Forge New Friendships
As unfair as it may seem, we're largely judged by the company we keep. Furthermore, we naturally act like those around us, and if our friends are behaving like uneducated thugs, that's likely to rub off in our speech and how we dress. Professional friends can help guide you through the unchartered waters of board meetings, casual Fridays, and the dangers of stilettos on escalators. They're also great resources for new job openings and make great personal references. You don't have to give all your old pals the boot, but spend some time making new friends who share your goals and interests.

The first few times you look in the mirror, you may wonder who's looking back at you. However, when you score the new job and start bringing in those paychecks, you'll gladly embrace that stranger in the looking-glass.
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