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Take a Personal Day or Two

Take a personal day or two.
Take a personal day or two.
Summer's here, and being cooped up in an office building has never been harder. As you sit at your computer, you can't help but stare longingly out the window as the sun beams down and the birds chirp. If you've accrued enough vacation time, why not use those few days and head to the beach or a lodge by the lake for some much-needed R&R?

Taking a few days off from work every once in a while is essential for your mental health. It's just not natural to enter numbers in a spreadsheet every single day, especially when the weather starts to get nice and you could be out on the beach or relaxing in the park instead. You got summers off as a kid, remember? There was a reason for that.

If you work in a laid-back place, you're probably alright just requesting two or three days off. You can use a portion of your vacation time to go camping, head to the shore or go on a short roadtrip to a fun new city. If your boss isn't exactly a nice guy, try and convince him how hard you've worked your butt off and that you deserve to have a few days off without him nagging you all day (leave that last part to yourself!).

For more advice, contact a psychic. Our psychics can use their gifts to see where you should spend your long weekend. 
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All "Work & Money" Posts
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