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When it's Time for a New Job

Is it time for a new job?
Is it time for a new job?
If you've been working the same job for a few years now, you might be feeling like it's just about time to move on. Even if the pay is good, the people are great and the job itself is fine, everybody gets the urge to do something new after too much of the same thing. Should you start looking for a new job, or is your ennui just a phase that you'll soon get over? Here are a few ways to know if it's time for a new job.

Is there more room for advancement? If you could still get promoted to a higher position, consider sticking around. Many companies promote from within, and if you're been working there for a long time, your chances of getting picked are high. A promotion would mean new responsibilities and tasks - kind of like a whole new job. If, however, you're at the top of the dogpile, it might be time to see what other companies are offering elsewhere.

How's the pay? If you leave the company, you might be able to find a better salary elsewhere. You can use your current pay to bargain with other companies offering you a spot to get the best deal - and end up making more money.

For more advice, contact a psychic. Our talented psychics can peer into the future to see if things might be better at a new company.
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All "Work & Money" Posts
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