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Family & Friends

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Being There for a Friend who was Recently Laid Off from Work
Being there for a friend who was recently laid off from work
November 28, 2018
If one of your friends who is a coworker was recently laid off by your company, it can be difficult to maintain your relationship.
Is Your Cell Phone Ruining Your Life?
She's probably spent more time uploading photos than enjoying the scenery.
November 27, 2018
If your cell phone is taking over your life, you need to get it back. Here are all the reasons why you need to learn moderation.
4 In-Law Issues and How to Delicately Deal
No matter how frustrated you are, you've got to find a way to cope with your in-laws.
November 03, 2018
Don't let in-laws have a negative effect on your marriage. Learn how to set boundaries and keep everyone as happy as possible.
Missing a Loved One? 5 Ways a Clairvoyant Can Help
Count on your clairvoyant
October 30, 2018
Here are five ways a Clairvoyant can help you heal.
How to Choose the Right Friends
How to choose the right friends
October 29, 2018
If you have recently moved to a new city where you don't know anyone, chances are good that you're hoping to make new friends for support, companionship and good times. Though transplants may be eager to make new pals, its important that you consider a few things before rushing into a personal relationship.
When Your Friend is a Trainwreck
Is your friend a trainwreck?
October 21, 2018
If we have a friend we care about, chances are we want to do everything we can to get them through the tough times. Of course, once in a while, a good companion comes along that seems to be beyond help - in other words, they're a trainwreck.
When College Pulls Childhood Friends Apart
Is college pulling you apart from your best friend?
October 16, 2018
Many people meet their best friends when they're in grade school. Growing up with someone and coming of age with a close companion by your side can lead to deep, unforgettable friendships.
Are You Jealous of Your Sibling?
Jealousy between siblings is normal.
October 02, 2018
Sibling rivalry is present in any family, but what if jealously is taken too far? It goes without saying that every once in a while, sisters and brothers find themselves green with envy when thinking about the other's accomplishments.
Coping with Your Child's Bad Decisions
Is your child making bad decisions?
September 23, 2018
Every parent wants to guide their child through the game of life. Of course, once your son or daughter is old enough to make their own choices, much of this is out of your hands.
Sharing Your Big News: I'm Pregnant!
Sharing your big news: I'm pregnant!
September 19, 2018
For some couples, the big news is so exciting that they call friends and relatives the moment the stick changes color. Other parents-to-be may choose to keep their news quiet until they pass that first trimester marker. If you are unsure about when the best time would be to break the baby news, Pregnancy-Info.net has some pointers you can use to weigh your options.
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