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Changing Your Future With Tarot Readings by Psychic Susan
Keep an open mind and you can change your future through tarot readings.
October 10, 2017
Everyone has the power to change their future to a more positive outcome.
Too Busy to Work Out
The morning can be the ideal time to work out.
October 07, 2017
With summer just around the corner, plenty of guys and gals are eager to get back into swimsuit shape.
4 Steps to Accurately Interpret Your Dreams
Your subconscious wants to tell you something.
October 03, 2017
Every dream has some kind of meaning behind it. Communicate with your subconscious by learning how to interpret your dreams.
The Top 5 Benefits of Saying No
You're not obligated to always say yes.
September 22, 2017
Your helpful nature is admirable but saying yes too often can hurt you. Find out what you're missing when you don't say no.
When to Give Up on Something You Love
Know when it's time to move on.
August 31, 2017
Five signs it's time to give up on a friendship, relationship, or job you once loved and move on to something better.
What it Means When You Dream You're Toothless
Dreaming about losing your teeth?
August 30, 2017
There are lots of common dreams that many people experience throughout their lives, like imagining that you're falling, flying or naked at school.
5 Reasons You Should Never Regret Your Mistakes
Every mistake is a possible lesson.
August 21, 2017
Regret weighs you down and wastes your time. Learn how to flip past mistakes into life lessons.
5 Ways to Guard Your Home from Evil Spirits
Smudging sage is one way to ward off evil spirits
August 05, 2017
Protect your home from evil spirits and negative energy with these five tips.
4 Signs You're Addicted to Drama
Drama Addicts Look to External Sources of Stimulation to Avoid Introspection
August 03, 2017
Drama addiction can be just as serious as chemical dependencies in its destructiveness. Find out if you have any of these four symptoms of drama addicts and what you can do about it here.
The Cure for a Lazy Saturday
Get up earlier on the weekends!
July 22, 2017
When the weekend rolls around, oftentimes, we've worked so hard during the week that the thought of doing anything strenuous seems unbearable.
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