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How to Look and Feel More Confident
You're awesome -- now start acting like it!
February 27, 2017
Learn how to increase your confidence in everyday situations to meet all of your goals.
Dreaming about an Ex
Dreaming about an ex
February 20, 2017
Whether you broke up 10 years ago or last week, it's common to dream of your ex boyfriends and girlfriends. Their disturbance may be a source of annoyance if things ended badly, or simply a wistful reminder of good times you once had. But, what may be most important to realize, is that a connection still exists between the two of you, according to The Huffington Post.
Love Yourself and Be Your Own Best Friend
Be your own biggest fan and others will be naturally drawn to you!
February 13, 2017
Once you're happy with yourself, everything else just falls into place. Along with a new year and a fresh beginning, learn to be your own best friend!
How to Increase your Sex Appeal
Inner beauty leads to self-acceptance.
February 08, 2017
Though people are constantly bombarded with advertisements that tell them a certain product will make them look sexier, it is your faith in yourself and confidence that makes you appear attractive to others, according to LookBetterOnline.com.
Conquer Cold & Flu Season: How to Stay Healthy
Make it through the season without catching a bug!
February 04, 2017
Staying healthy during cold and flu season is less challenging when you know these tips for warding off rogue viruses in the environment.
6 Important Factors in Achieving Balance in Life by Psychic Terri
Mental balance is just as important as physical balance, if not more.
February 03, 2017
You may hear your favorite psychic readers talk about staying in balance. What exactly do they mean?
Thinking about Getting Away?
Is it time for a vacation?
February 02, 2017
We can all use a break every once in a while. No, we don't mean a few minutes outside of the office or a walk around town on a Monday evening - we mean an honest-to-goodness break, like to somewhere with a shoreline and tourists!
Dreams: Are you Falling or Flying?
What does it mean if you dream you're flying?
January 29, 2017
Almost everyone has had a dream in which they were floating high above the Earth - maybe tumbling from a skyscraper, or soaring amongst the eagles.
Stressed About an Upcoming Event?
Feeling frazzled?
January 25, 2017
Got a big party coming up?
Animals in Dreams: What do they symbolize?
Animals in dreams: What do they symbolize?
January 15, 2017
Animals in dreams: What do they symbolize?
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