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Relationships & Sex

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Addressing a Suspicious Phone Call or Text Message to your Significant Other
Addressing a suspicious phone call or text message to your significant other
December 13, 2018
There's nothing worse than finding a suspicious phone call or text message on your significant other's phone, but it's very possible that you may be overreacting to a small situation.
How to Find a Gift for the Guy Who Has Everything
How to find a gift for the guy who has everything
December 08, 2018
If you're dating a guy who seems to have it all, it can be difficult to shop for him during the holidays.
Coping with an office romance gone sour
Not all office romances are meant to last.
December 06, 2018
Some people aren't shy about considering an office romance, but not every relationship is meant to last.
Addressing Different Faiths and Beliefs in Relationships
Addressing different faiths and beliefs in a relationship
December 05, 2018
It's not uncommon for couples to run into problems advancing their relationship when religion comes into play.
Patch Over Rough Patches With Your Significant Other Before the Holidays
Patch over rough patches with your beau before the holidays
November 29, 2018
If you and your beau aren't exactly on the best of terms, there's no better time to reconcile than during the holiday season.
Staying Romantic in a Long-Distance Relationship
Stay in touch with your sweetie, no matter how far apart you are.
November 25, 2018
Keeping the spark alive in your romance when you and your sweetie are hundreds of miles apart can be a real challenge.
Affordable Gift Ideas
Finding affordable gifts for your boyfriend's birthday
November 23, 2018
If your beau has a birthday coming up, chances are you want to make sure he has a memorable celebration.
How Finding Your Spirit Guide Can Improve Your Romantic Relationships
Your spirit guide can help you find happiness.
November 22, 2018
Getting to know your spirit guide can open up new doors and opportunities. Your guide can even help you find the love of your life.
What to do when the Sex isn't Great
What should you do if the sex is no good?
November 20, 2018
You're dating a new guy - he's smart, funny and caring.
How to End a Relationship Gracefully Before the Holidays
How to end a relationship gracefully before the holidays
November 19, 2018
No one wants to be the bad guy and break up with his or her significant other before the holidays.
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