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Work & Money

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Are You on the Right Career Life Path?
The right college major sets you up for satisfaction.
December 11, 2017
Choosing the right college major can set you on the path for long-term success and happiness.
Managing Your Finances Wisely to Stay Social with Friends
Managing your finances wisely to stay social with friends
December 10, 2017
There's nothing worse than being strapped for cash when you're invited to dinner with friends or out for a few drinks.
5 Self-Improvement Techniques for Performing Better at Work
Self-improvement also improves your professional life.
December 01, 2017
When you improve yourself, it positively affects your whole life. It can even make you better at your job.
Avoiding tardiness and increasing productivity at work
Avoiding tardiness and increasing productivity at work
November 28, 2017
There's nothing worse than losing track of time, especially when you're already behind at work.
Save Up and Spend Wisely During the Holiday Shopping Season
Save up and spend wisely during the holiday shopping season
November 27, 2017
There's nothing worse than giving your friend a bargain Christmas gift, only to find that she spent more money on her gift for you.
Mustering up the Courage to Ask for a Raise
Mustering up the courage to ask for a raise
November 21, 2017
If you're feeling a little under-appreciated at your job and you could use more money, it might be time for you to ask for a raise.
How to Use Crystals in Your Home
Rose quartz promotes healthy love
November 16, 2017
Using crystals throughout your home can bring harmony where it is needed most.
How to Cope with the Stress of a New Job by Hollywood Psychics
Remember, now that you've got the job, the hardest part is over!
November 10, 2017
New jobs can be stressful when you don't know anyone and you are figuring things out. Strategies such as taking breaks and going easy on yourself can help you cope.
Remodel Your Home on a Budget by Saving Up and Using Wholesale Materials
Remodel your home on a budget by saving up and using wholesale materials
October 25, 2017
Many people like to give their homes a new look as the seasons change, and fall is the perfect time of year to remodel a living space.
How To Cope When Your Family Is Broke by Hollywood Psychics
Now's the time to step up, not give up.
October 15, 2017
When times are tough, you might find your family broke. By creating a budget, having a garge sale, and making the little things count, you can put a positive, productive spin on hard times.
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