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Hollywood Psychics’ New Mommy Blog Proving to be a Huge Success

Diapers on My Crystal Ball - Moms vs. Non-moms Diapers on My Crystal Ball - Moms vs. Non-moms
Langhorne, PA - Career moms, stay-at-home moms, single moms. Every type of mom is represented by a mommy blog these days. In fact, as reported by Mashable.com based on a Scarborough Research study, about 3.9 million U.S. moms say they blog, and about 14% of all American moms blog about parenting or turn to blogs for advice.

And now Hollywood Psychics, the popular psychic service provider, is throwing its own contribution into the mommy blog arena with its weekly “Diapers on My Crystal Ball” video blog.

Based on the hundreds of views garnered by each mommy video, they must be on to something. “Diaper’s on My Crystal Ball” has already gotten up to 14 times more views than previous videos posted by Hollywood Psychics, and it’s been out for less than two months. Moms are eating it up.

“We try to address issues that are important in our customers’ lives,” says Maryanne Fiedler, Marketing Director for Hollywood Psychics. “Just this past year we’ve seen a large increase in the mommy demographic on our service, so a mommy blog is another great way to connect with this group.”

In short one-to-two minute clips, video blogger Melissa and her adorable co-starring children address subjects including: “Mommyhood vs. College,” “Moms vs. Non-moms” and “Things I Can’t Believe I Said Today.” The videos are funny yet heartfelt – reflecting many common frustrations and rewards of motherhood.

The campaign was intended to last approximately six weeks, but due to its immense success, Hollywood Psychics will be keeping it around indefinitely. Apparently even psychic services can use mommy blogging to expand their businesses.
“So far we’ve had very positive feedback to the mommy blog,” reports Mrs. Fiedler. “It’s another service we provide that gives people insights into their own lives and hopefully makes them smile,” she adds.

View the Hollywood Psychics “Diapers on My Crystal Ball” videos at http://www.youtube.com/user/hollywoodpsychics.
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All "News" Posts
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