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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do the psychics at Hollywood Psychics come from?

Our gifted professional psychics come from all over the United States, Canada and many other countries. They usually hear about us from psychics who already work with us.

Why partner with Hollywood Psychics?

We create and maintain a positive, caring, supportive community for our psychics, including these benefits:

  • Whenever you want to contact us - whether you have a question about how to deal with a customer or a reading, or just want to touch base - there’s always someone here to answer your call or email.
  • We believe in the integrity and authenticity of what we offer. All of our staff and our psychics share our commitment to promoting authentic psychic readings.
  • You never have to bid for your position in our listings and you are not competing with an endless number of psychics.
  • We take care of all the business details so our psychics can focus on providing authentic, professional psychic readings.
  • We insist on our psychics' privacy, which means psychics must remain completely anonymous to callers.
How do I join Hollywood Psychics?

First step: Fill out an application so we can learn more about you. Once we receive your application, we email you to set up a mutually convenient time for you to give a 10-15 minute reading to one of our team members. In most cases, you will then be asked to give a second reading or to speak with one of our current psychics. This gives you the opportunity to ask questions about us as well, so you feel comfortable partnering with Hollywood Psychics.

What can I expect when I join?

After we let you know that you’ve been accepted, we'll set-up a time to review the contract and how to get started. You will set up your account, record your phone greeting messages and login for the first time. When partnering with Hollywood Psychics, you are an independent contractor, so you can set your own schedule and decide what style and tools you want to use during readings. And whenever you have a question or issue, there will always be someone here to answer it over the phone or through an email.

How do you promote me?

Our website is designed for maximum promotion of our psychics. Customers can use the search criteria provided on the site to narrow the focus of psychics who are right for them. We feature psychics in various places on the website and in our phone menus, and we run lots of promotions to prompt customers to speak to someone they've never spoken to before. You never have to worry about self-promotion; you don’t have to pay to list yourself or send free minutes or emails to customers to keep them engaged - we do all of that for you.

My integrity as a psychic is important to me. How does Hollywood Psychics help me maintain my good name?

At Hollywood Psychics we truly believe in the authenticity and integrity of our psychics, and we only accept psychics who share our values. We do not tolerate scare tactics on our service. Psychics who use these types of strategies to increase their calls are immediately removed from our listings. We have a zero tolerance policy for psychic-to-psychic negativity. We want to make sure that those who partner with us want to share their gift in a positive, loving environment. This type of work is difficult; the company you partner with doesn't have to be.

What is Hollywood Psychic’s Advisor Code of Ethics?

Our psychics are committed to honoring the highest standards of ethics and professionalism in their sessions with customers. While we treasure the personal and deeply caring connections formed between psychics and their customers, Hollywood Psychics is a purely professional service. Our psychics are prohibited from establishing personal relationships with customers outside the service. We do not allow scare tactics to be used to "encourage" members to call back in order to avoid negative consequences.

How much experience do I need?

We suggest that any psychic applying to Hollywood Psychics have experience giving readings before submitting an application. However, there have been times when a natural born but inexperienced psychic has contacted us and we have worked with them to develop their reading skills and style.

Do I need a photo?

In our many years of experience as an online psychic service provider, we've found that a real photo has a huge impact on your ability to reach new customers. In fact, it is almost as important as the sound of your voice in making the initial connection. This is especially true for psychics who use online chat as a channel for delivering their readings. We can help you get a professional photo for use on the website.

How do I get paid?

As a psychic at Hollywood Psychics, you never have to worry about being paid accurately or on time. Our psychics receive their compensation every Friday through direct deposit. We do not charge a fee for deposits.

Who's my contact person in case I have questions or concerns?

We have a group of specialists who spend all of their time working exclusively with our psychic community. The person that heads up the group is an intuitive who has worked as a professional psychic, so the needs of our psychics are always considered when business decisions are made. You can reach out to this group by phone or email any time you have a question, or even if you just want to chat.

How many hours on average do psychics work at Hollywood Psychics? Is there a minimum or maximum?

As a psychic at Hollywood Psychics, we ask that you maintain a minimum schedule of eight hours per week, so customers can find you when they need a reading. All psychics are encouraged to be available for customers between eight and forty hours per week. And because we want to ensure our psychics' well-being, we are pretty adamant that you maintain balance in your life and do not log on excessively.

Can I be both a phone and a chat psychic?

Yes. Many of our psychics provide their services both over the phone and through chat readings. While we do allow psychics to login to both the phone and chat services simultaneously, you can only handle one customer at a time. This allows you to focus your time and energy on the person who contacted you and ensures a high-quality experience.

*New member offer valid for first time customers who have never made a Hollywood Psychics purchase. Up to 3 minutes of your first paid psychic reading are free.
Free minutes have no cash value and are not available to customers who have previously received a free trial of the service.