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Psychic Amethyst x7066
Experience: 68 Years
I'm away
Specialties Mind - Body - Spirit, Work and Money, Family and Friends
Tools Spirit Guides, Astrology, Tarot
Gifts Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Empath
Style Wise
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Answers from Amethyst

Did you have any special training to develop your psychic abilities?

My serious training started at the age of 7 with a teacher from Northern India. After that I went to places like the Berkeley Psychic Institute and studied under various teachers in the sixties and seventies and checked out western beliefs. The west divides. The east unites into a whole. I've studied a bit of everything and a lot that others are afraid to examine. I love to study subjects others seem afraid of. Readings are a way to give people some insight, so they can shape and create their own place in life.

Can people influence or change their own destiny?

Yes, first you can change your destiny simply by bringing your vibration up to a very high point. Somethings simply cannot happen when your energy is high and somethings can only happen when your energy is high. You have to match an energy pattern before it can manifest. You cannot escape from all situations that seem bad because some are created to get you to learn and discover your talents and skills. Some are to wake us all up.

What is your favorite Tarot deck and why?

Oh, that is tough. Right now I favor the Five Element Deck. It includes a group of cards that show the spiritual life of the caller and of the people being asked about.

Do you feel anything physically when you give a reading?

I feel everything. It is like living 20 to 30 lives a day and none of them are even mine. Fun and not fun depending on which lives you are experiencing. Psychics can feel emotions, gun shot wounds (other peoples) and pain, confusion and shock. We can also catch emotional waves of joy and bliss, like when an enlightened person or an angel is around.

Do you get readings from other psychics about yourself?

I love to get a good reading, My psychic group is so open and friendly I get readings before I ask. They call from all over the world to share an impression or double check something strange with me. I really love it. Do I ever get readings on the psychic line. Yes, and I tell them I am psychic so they don't have to tell me that. We have a great team.

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Amethyst's Ratings and Reviews
from 92 Ratings
15 Customer Reviews since Nov 2010
LadySan1966 12/28/2018
Reading was on point. Gotta wait to see what lies ahead.
Sunshine2372 8/25/2019
She was ok.
talkingwind 7/5/2019
Very quick to the heart of the matter. Highly recommend.
LadySan1966 8/25/2018
Really good reading very kind and patient.
talkingwind 3/25/2018
This lady has powers! Super quick and gets right to the hidden heart of the matter. Answers your question very fast without tools, on a level that is so helpful. Does like to chit chat which I don't like but other than that, nobody beats her insight, it's on a level no one else can go to.
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