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Psychic Blanca x7686
Experience: 41 Years
I'm away
Specialties Sex and Relationships, Work and Money, Mind - Body - Spirit
Tools Tarot, Astrology, Spirit Guides
Gifts Empath, Medium, Clairaudient
Style Wise
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1:00AM - 7:00AM
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Answers from Blanca

What did you do before you became a psychic?

I chose a career path of healing work via Massage Therapy, Yoga, martial arts, belly dancing, Esthetics, Emotional Clearing/ Neuromuscular reeducation, Reiki Master, and either teach or have taught in all these areas and others. All along the way I gave readings whether with Tarot, spontaneous mediumship or empathic body reading and finally it was time to focus only on psychic readings.

Have you approached someone in public to tell them about their future?

I was waiting alongside another woman in a DMV office in a new city where I had recently moved. She had a lot of purple color around her and I had to comment about the beauty I was seeing. Within minutes I was channeling her husband who had passed one month prior to our meeting on that day. He had so much to tell her that we took care of our DMV business and moved on to a restaurant to finish the reading. I was definitely there to help her and her children through a very difficult time. I read for her several times after that and saw her remarried. Although she could not believe that would happen, it did, and they are very happy together. She says she still feels her former husband "in her corner."

How do you connect with those who have passed on?

The instant I am being contacted by spirit I am filled with chills all over my body. This is sually accompanied by heat/cold and intense feelings that do not seem to be my own. When this happens I know the channel is active and all I do is listen and watch. Somewhere in this "I" disappear from the main screen, although I am never "gone" like some channels. Information pours through me for the person for whom I am reading and I always feel blessed by the experience.

What is your favorite Tarot deck and why?

The deck I return to again and again is the Alister Crowley Thoth Deck. The artist Freda Harris still engages my imagination after 30+yrs. of using this deck with her profound combinations of metaphysical symbols, awareness and artistry. The cards serve as mental templates providing information that I do not know I know until the it is "presented" and delivered through my intuitive mind.

How do you de-stress?

Physical activity has always been my main path to destressing. Music, dancing, singing, cleaning, walking, gardening, bicycling, you name it - I am active. It works for me.

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12 Customer Reviews since Apr 2012
Jaykablan 8/10/2019
The reading I needed!!! She gave me so much clarity and she’s very pleasant to talk to . I felt like she understood me and gave me the guidance I’ve been looking for !
quirogchic 10/23/2017
Expected better outcome .
karole737 6/19/2017
Excellent and on target!
VeeVee1978 4/8/2017
Very nice but didn't make a connection.
Dawny13 6/27/2016
Not happy w/my reading
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