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Psychic Christine x4063
Experience: 9 Years
I'm away
Specialties Sex and Relationships, Work and Money, Mind - Body - Spirit
Tools Can Read Without Tools, Angel Cards, Tarot
Gifts Empath, Pet Psychic
Style Direct
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Answers from Christine

Please tell us about your prior career before deciding to make psychic readings your life's work.

I was a teacher/trainer/communicator in written and verbal forms with people of all ages. I love listening, learning, teaching and communicating —but I was overwhelmingly drawn to Energy work through Life Coaching, Energy Healing and Psychic Readings.

Please share a life experience that led you to your Psychic career.

I have always trusted my "gut feeling" on major life decisions from a young age, Many years ago, I trusted the intuitive message concerning my health; and I am now Healthy, Happy and Full of Abundant Energy-- because I listened and took action. This type of crystal clear message keeps getting reinforced over time. I Love it when I trust my inner wisdom!!!

Tell us about any formal training you've had developing your psychic abilities or helping others.

I am a Reiki Master and graduated from an intense year long international Enwaken program on 'reading energy and distance healing'.

How did you discover you were psychic?

When I first realized the true depth and power of my gifts, I was working with someone I did not know, on the other side of the world by telephone... and I clearly read their energy and helped them with a major stumbling block. WOW, that got my attention!

Why is sharing your gift important to you?

I have always been a teacher and a healer and now think of myself as a "Modern Shaman". I love to help others, and help the world to be a brighter and happier place. I am filled with JOY when I share my gifts with others, and bring clarity into their lives. I want to use my neutral perspective to shine a light on your strengths (and weaknesses, if you desire) and empower YOU.

How do you disconnect from the emotional part of this when you are not working?

I care for myself energetically every day. When I am done working with clients; I send them Angel blessings and abundant positive energy towards reaching/accomplishing their goals/desires and literally & energetically hang up the phone connection.

Can people influence or change their own destiny?

Absolutely, we can all influence the direction of our lives. I know this for a fact,, because I have done it myself. I took more control over my own health; and my own life by taking action steps...one baby step at a time-- and not waiting for the magic to just "happen". I am now in the driver's seat of my own life!!! And I love it!

What is your process to come up with specific time frames when asked?

I tune into "your energy" and read the 'vibration' of the people and situations. I then interpret the information and provide possibilities of likely timing moving forward.

How do you handle telling a customer bad news that you see?

I am direct and clear; yet compassionate and kind when delivering news that is not wanted

What is important in your life other than being a psychic?

Family, Friends, Nature, Quiet time, Meditation, Reading, Cooking/Baking, Photography, Exercise, Candles/Campfire/Firepit, Spirituality, Animals…

How do you de-stress?

Meditation, Music, Reading, Hot Bath, Quiet Time, NATURE and Animals

Tell us about your family or close relationships.

I am married and have two wonderful children. My son is loving his career after college, and my daughter is in college. Family is very important to me. My best friend and I do not live nearby; but when we do spend time together.... it is like no time has passed. It's like we pick up right where we left off : )

Are other psychics part of your circle of friends? Tell us about some of your close psychic friends.

I have a great friend who is psychic. We lean on each other all the time. It takes friendship into a whole new arena : )

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Genoa333 9/6/2017
laughter23 8/24/2017
Christine is one of the very best that Hollywood Psychics has to offer!
vernell9344 8/2/2017
She good,
vernell9344 7/3/2017
She's really appreciated.
vernell9344 7/1/2017
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