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Psychic Christine x4063
Experience: 9 Years
I'm in a reading
Specialties Sex and Relationships, Work and Money, Mind - Body - Spirit
Tools Can Read Without Tools, Angel Cards, Tarot
Gifts Empath, Pet Psychic
Style Direct
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Answers from Christine

Please tell us about your prior career before deciding to make psychic readings your life's work.

I was a teacher/trainer/communicator in written and verbal forms with people of all ages. I love listening, learning, teaching and communicating —but I was overwhelmingly drawn to Energy work through Life Coaching, Energy Healing and Psychic Readings.

Please share a life experience that led you to your Psychic career.

I have always trusted my "gut feeling" on major life decisions from a young age, Many years ago, I trusted the intuitive message concerning my health; and I am now Healthy, Happy and Full of Abundant Energy-- because I listened and took action. This type of crystal clear message keeps getting reinforced over time. I Love it when I trust my inner wisdom!!!

Tell us about any formal training you've had developing your psychic abilities or helping others.

I am a Reiki Master and graduated from an intense year long international Enwaken program on 'reading energy and distance healing'.

How did you discover you were psychic?

When I first realized the true depth and power of my gifts, I was working with someone I did not know, on the other side of the world by telephone... and I clearly read their energy and helped them with a major stumbling block. WOW, that got my attention!

Why is sharing your gift important to you?

I have always been a teacher and a healer and now think of myself as a "Modern Shaman". I love to help others, and help the world to be a brighter and happier place. I am filled with JOY when I share my gifts with others, and bring clarity into their lives. I want to use my neutral perspective to shine a light on your strengths (and weaknesses, if you desire) and empower YOU.

How do you disconnect from the emotional part of this when you are not working?

I care for myself energetically every day. When I am done working with clients; I send them Angel blessings and abundant positive energy towards reaching/accomplishing their goals/desires and literally & energetically hang up the phone connection.

Can people influence or change their own destiny?

Absolutely, we can all influence the direction of our lives. I know this for a fact,, because I have done it myself. I took more control over my own health; and my own life by taking action steps...one baby step at a time-- and not waiting for the magic to just "happen". I am now in the driver's seat of my own life!!! And I love it!

What is your process to come up with specific time frames when asked?

I tune into "your energy" and read the 'vibration' of the people and situations. I then interpret the information and provide possibilities of likely timing moving forward.

How do you handle telling a customer bad news that you see?

I am direct and clear; yet compassionate and kind when delivering news that is not wanted

What is important in your life other than being a psychic?

Family, Friends, Nature, Quiet time, Meditation, Reading, Cooking/Baking, Photography, Exercise, Candles/Campfire/Firepit, Spirituality, Animals…

How do you de-stress?

Meditation, Music, Reading, Hot Bath, Quiet Time, NATURE and Animals

Tell us about your family or close relationships.

I am married and have two wonderful children. My son is loving his career after college, and my daughter is in college. Family is very important to me. My best friend and I do not live nearby; but when we do spend time together.... it is like no time has passed. It's like we pick up right where we left off : )

Are other psychics part of your circle of friends? Tell us about some of your close psychic friends.

I have a great friend who is psychic. We lean on each other all the time. It takes friendship into a whole new arena : )

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Christine's Ratings and Reviews
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72 Customer Reviews since May 2016
vernell9344 7/9/2019
ALWAYS right.
4debra 7/6/2019
Citymouse3 7/2/2019
I had an incredibly reading with Christine. I highly recommend you give her a try. You won't regret it.
mirena1984 3/28/2019
She’s great!
Shanghai 11/15/2018
Chat Reading
So far the prediction she made in this reading has not come true. She keeps telling me November looks good for romance but it's pretty depressing. Contact hasn't happened either. She was correct last reading... Maybe timing is off. I just hope she isn't giving false hope.
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