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Psychic Empress x4112
Experience: 33 Years
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Specialties Sex and Relationships, Mind - Body - Spirit, Family and Friends
Tools Spirit Guides, Tarot, Cartomancy
Gifts Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Clairaudient
Style Direct
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Answers from Empress

Please tell us about your prior career before deciding to make psychic readings your life's work.

Before deciding that being a psychic reader is going to be my life's work, I have concentrated on studying psychology, sexuality and abnormal psychology. As the psychic ability came to me easily and naturally, I have put a lot of concentration in the early years on family and relationship counselling. I felt that having a combine gift of education and psychic ability, would make me be excellent source for insights as well as guidance for others.

Please share a life experience that led you to your Psychic career.

I remember, early on in my life, possibly around the age of 5, telling adults some parts of their future (almost like premonitions) and the excitement when they would be surprises that I knew things so clearly as such a young age. I loved helping and I loved the extra attention I got. I feel, I was a gift given to me to help others.

Why is sharing your gift important to you?

I find that sharing my gift is important because many people need insides and guidance to make their lives just a little happier and rewarding. Being not only intuitive but also compassion person, I can easily put myself in someone's shoes and see where the path should take me from there to make things balanced, easier, and more fulfilling long term.

Are your abilities always on, or do you turn them off when you are in public?

I do find that my abilities are ON for most of the day. I find that when there is a lot of people around me, some of my abilities are distracted. In my practice, I love to work from my office, where I have created perfect atmosphere for my guides to help me channel the information and insights needed for my clients. It is the perfect place for me to have full focus and attention.

What is important in your life other than being a psychic?

Other than being a psychic, the most important part of my life is being a Mother. I have wonderful children who challenge me daily. I love to teach them what life is all about, to look at the positives and to believe that things really do happen for a reason, even though the reason may not be clear to us at this point.

How do you de-stress?

My way to de-stressing, would have to be family and friends time. I love salsa music and dancing. I feel that a great night out with friends can put your energy back in balanced mood.

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33 Customer Reviews since Apr 2017
Agordon0719 3/18/2019
Chat Reading
I asked Empress about something very specific in regards to work. She was 100% correct in her reading! Thank you, Empress!
jacelyn 9/17/2019
Chat Reading
I had a great reading with Empress. She picked up on my person well. I would contact again for sure.
kayceej 3/25/2019
Chat Reading
I feel as though I did receive some useful info,
LadySan1966 1/25/2019
Great reader.
BlueLavender86 1/7/2019
Thank you sweetheart.
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