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Psychic Faith Grace x7959
Experience: 30 Years
I'm in a reading
Specialties Mind - Body - Spirit, Family and Friends, Work and Money
Tools Spirit Guides, Tarot, Crystal Readings
Gifts Clairaudient, Clairvoyant, Pet Psychic
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Answers from Faith Grace

What was your most memorable psychic experience?

I was a 17 year old teenager and my grandmother had just died recently. I was asleep in bed and my younger sister who was 10 at the time was sleeping with me. I woke up to the most overwhelming smell of lilacs. So overwhelming that it was almost choking me. We had a heater in the room at the time that use to light up the room red and it burst into flames and set the room on fire. I got my sister out of bed to safety. My grandmother's favorite perfume was a lilac base and she was standing on the top of my bookcase screaming hurry hurry as we scurried out of the flame filled room down the steps. I have never forgotten this experience because it saved the lives of both my sister Kim and I.

How did you discover you were psychic?

I can remember back to when I was three years old and the fairies and Spirit beings used to visit me as a child. I would astral project all the time as a child and they would take me to places either on the other side or deep into the woods to reveal treasures of the earth. I would also during childhood be able to predict disasters that would be happen in the town that I lived in. Looking back now I have to laugh because I know I drove my parents crazy bringing extra chairs to the dinner table telling them that so and so was there I think they might be hungry!

What are the benefits of a chat reading?

I LOVE love love chat. I feel my readings thru this are much clearer, concise and I don't get people's emotions that I pick up thru the phone line. I feel it moves faster and their benefit is they can keep the reading and return to it later if they choose too.

What is important in your life other than being a psychic?

I have walked a ridge since August of 1997. I was led to it because on that day I had 3 different people all living in my house because of crisis in their worlds. One woman, Mary Anne, had tried to commit suicide. My spirit guides had urged me to call her on a day I had plans to go out to dinner. I fought this, but they were right, and I got the EMT's to her house in time. This story all leads up to me finding this ridge and walking it now for many years. I have had animal encounters on this ridge where they spoke to me, I have been struck by lightning twice on this ridge once in my chest and once in my left hand. The ridge has guided me now thru many of my own crises and that of others. It has become a trusted friend in my heart.

What do you think about the current interest in the paranormal on TV and in movies?

I think this is due to the energy openings on the planet to allow many others to see what we see and feel what we feel. Hey, they finally caught up to us!

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Faith Grace's Ratings and Reviews
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72 Customer Reviews since Oct 2011
Kamore 6/2/2020
Chat Reading
Definitely can see the truth. Very honest as well.
skygirl 10/12/2019
Chat Reading
Faith Grace has time & again told me things that would occur in my life. She was correct once again, & I called to tell her so.
skygirl 10/10/2019
Chat Reading
skygirl 10/8/2019
Chat Reading
Thank you for your honesty, Faith Grace!
skygirl 10/5/2019
Chat Reading
As always, an excellent reading with Faith Grace
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