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Psychic Mattie x7205
Experience: 39 Years
I'm away
Specialties Mind - Body - Spirit, Work and Money, Sex and Relationships
Tools Spirit Guides, Numerology Reading, Dream Interpretation
Gifts Medium, Empath, Pet Psychic
Style Expressive
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3:00PM - 8:30PM
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Answers from Mattie

What inspired you to become a psychic?

My loving Father passed away when I was only fourteen years old. I was present when he crossed over and immediately had a visitation from him demonstrating his constant love and devotion to me. It was at that precise time I started seeing into the spirit realms with the awareness I could communicate with the other side. From that time on many people started asking me questions concerning the well-being of their departed loved ones. I've been helping people in this area ever since then.

How do you disconnect emotionally when you are not working?

Before I start a reading, I call upon the Angels and Light Beings from the higher Spirit realms to guide and protect me from any evil or harm. Also, I call upon the same Light Beings to protect the person I am working with. Essentially, I turn the reading over to the devotion of our loving God.

Can people influence or change their own destiny

People can change their destiny by treating other people with the utmost kindness and compassion. If a person wants to change their personal destiny, they have to first change their behavior and everything else in their life will fall into a natural order. Karmic lessons change into blessings when a person changes their attitude towards themselves and others. Being grateful and respectful for one's life and towards other beings is the Golden Key to a heavenly existence on Earth.

How do you communicate with animals?

All animals are sentient creatures and have a keen awareness of their surroundings. The first step I use to read for a pet is tuning into their aura or energy field which can be like a little halo around them. I am able to see the colors around them which help me determine their health conditions and feelings concerning their specific environment. They are so wonderful to work with because, in most cases, they are so pure and innocent. They transmit their messages like angelic music would sound to the human ear.

How do you de-stress?

I de-stress by going on long walks or taking a yoga class. Rhythmic movement of any kind helps relax the brain or mind. It also helps create alpha waves, which is like floating on a beautiful blue pond. I also like to listen to my witty friends tell jokes which releases a chemical called serotonin in my brain that relaxes my entire body.

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Mattie's Ratings and Reviews
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144 Customer Reviews since Jul 2012
LadySan1966 4/9/2020
Her readings are redundant
cat8969 3/26/2020
Chat Reading
Wonderful reading with precise, comforting guidance. Gives me real hope for the future
LadySan1966 3/21/2020
She is excellent and very kind
Jar7811 3/9/2020
very spiritual - thank you
JasmineNichole9 1/25/2020
So understanding and down to earth and made me feel very comfortable, she also picked up on my situation quickly. If your nervous about choosing someone you won’t connect with,I recommend her!
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