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Psychic Morgane x4165
Experience: 21 Years
Other Languages Spoken: Spanish, English
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Specialties Sex and Relationships, Mind - Body - Spirit, Family and Friends
Tools Tarot, Spirit Guides, Astrology
Gifts Medium, Clairsentient, Clairvoyant
Style Compassionate
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6:00AM - 8:00AM
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6:00AM - 8:00AM 1:00PM - 3:00PM
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6:00AM - 8:00AM 1:00PM - 3:00PM
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Answers from Morgane

Please share a life experience that led you to your Psychic career.

When I was a child, I used to play cards with my friends at school. At a certain time, I started to tell my friends that I knew how to read the future in the cards, but I was joking because I had never studied cartomancy. Some weeks later, some of my friends and their parents told me that I was a very good reader and that my predictions are coming true. At this time I became intrigued, and I started to have interest in cartomancy and tarot. Later, I found out that I knew cartomancy since past lives and my spiritual guides were helping me to improve my abilities. This fact was one of the most important ones that led me to my Psychic career.

Why is sharing your gift important to you?

Sharing my gift is important for me because I know that if someone has these gifts, it is because he/she was chosen to help people. These gifts are to help people, and we have to be on humankind service to make people see things broadly and help them to rule their own lives.

Tell us how your abilities helped you find your spouse/partner/significant other.

When I first saw my husband I knew that he was the one, I knew I would marry him and build a beautiful family. When we were dating he had to live outside our country for professional reasons; I couldn't stand people telling me that he was cheating on me and that this relationship wasn't working. I knew that he needed this time far from me and that it would only last three months. So, when he completed three months living far, he told me that he was coming back to our country because his manager didn't want him to be there any more. Then I could tell people: Don't you remember that I told you that it would only last three months?

How do you connect with those who have passed on?

I don't connect with those who passed on; I expect them to communicate with me because I know they have their own time, and they have some rules to obey on the spiritual plane as well. They connect with me usually through my dreams, but I've already seen some of them visiting me and speaking to me on a sunny day.

Please tell us about your favorite Tarot deck and why it is important to you.

My favorite Tarot deck is Osho Zen because it is a useful tool to understand what is going on inside the customer's mind. It is a very accurate tool; it shows if the customer is feeling guilty for something, if he is a diplomatic person, or if he is stuck on the past etc. This deck tells us some things that the customer didn't notice about himself yet, so I find it a perfect tool to provide some insight and to guide the customer to know what is missing for him to take the rules of his life.

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SoftHeart13 12/10/2018
Chat Reading
Kind and non judgmental.
SoftHeart13 8/23/2018
Chat Reading
Very honest and kind.
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