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Psychic Taja x7337
Experience: 39 Years
I'm Available Call
Specialties Sex and Relationships, Work and Money, Mind - Body - Spirit
Tools Tarot, Numerology Reading, Dream Interpretation
Gifts Empath, Clairsentient, Medium
Style Expressive
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12:00AM - 2:00AM
8:00PM - 11:59PM
12:00AM - 2:00AM 8:00PM - 11:59PM
12:00AM - 2:00AM 8:00PM - 11:59PM
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I'm Available Call
Schedule subject to change
Answers from Taja

Please share a life experience that led you to your Psychic career.

I was working in Real Estate and a couple of people with whom I worked asked me if I could do some readings for them and their families. It was then that I saw how important it was for them to know what was going to happen and who was doing what in their lives. Every position I've ever taken has been with the intention to help people. This was definitely what I was looking for and the Universe just opened all the doors for me to find my calling.

How did you discover you were psychic?

I discovered my abilities were psychic quite by accident since my Mom also had abilities and seeing things in the future that would come true...interacting with those crossed over...knowing what someone was going to do although they said they would do the opposite...these were all things that were natural to my household growing up. It wasn't until someone I was speaking with about one of these factors reacted in a strange way and mentioned that these were psychic abilities that I really understood that my household and what happened in it was not everyone's experience in their household. That is when I started to look into psychic abilities, how many different types of abilities there were and, how to develop them. There were NO laptops, smart phones, or google at that time so it wasn't easy getting information but I worked as hard as I could to understand what I could do to enhance my abilities.

Why is sharing your gift important to you?

It is important to share my gift because I have seen that there are many futures out there which are always in movement and what we do to get to the one we want is not always the correct way to get there and can get us to a very different place to which we don't want to go. If we can very HONESTLY look at where we are, what triggers the situation or person, and how to trigger it in our direction, we will get what we want. It is not always easy...but it isn't hard to do it either. The difference is permanently keeping a change in our thinking, and actions to nudge us onto the right path.

Can people influence or change their own destiny?

YES!!! We can ALL change our direction. I prefer to use the term Dharma since Destiny implies we are puppets and there is only one end to our lives, but YES!!! We can ALL change our direction. It is not as "woo woo" as one might think. It is more of an equation. What have we done, what effect did that have, are there other people involved, what is in his/her head, what does the other person trigger on that has taken us off the path we want, how do we trigger things to join the path we want...??? Then a plan can be formed to get us going in the direction we want. SInce we are "Pattern" people, we tend to slide back to our old patterns after only a few weeks or months which is why we keep getting the same things occurring again and again although we think we changed what we have done. Also, trying to pretend we have changed doesn't work. So in this case, knowledge and some coaching ABSOLUTELY DOES work to change a person's path. That is why there is a "today's future" we can predict, but there are others we can attain. Where do you want to go? We'll get there together.

Describe any physical sensations you experience when giving a reading.

There is a "floaty" feeling within my chest and stomach that I get when messages are coming in from above. It's the only way I can describe it. Sometimes Archangel Gabriel speaks directly and he is like a drill sergeant and it sounds like a loud, "This is the answer...tell her!!" He's not there to be diplomatic. He just shouts it out. If I happen to be doing a reading about someone toxic, I can actually get sick to my stomach or chest pains as I'm focusing on the person. There is always a feeling of my guardians and guides encircling me with love and protection.

How do you handle telling a customer bad news that you see?

I am direct when I see some problems with what a customer wants and what is coming in their future because if you know this, you know how to change the future to what he or she wants. Then we go into how to do this and how he or she can get what is wanted. We can change things in about 98% of out scenarios of our lives.

How do you de-stress?

I have a regimen to de-stress which combines energy work and breath with vocalization. The sounds we make can de-stress far better than breath alone.

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Taja's Ratings and Reviews
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62 Customer Reviews since Jan 2012
Kamore 5/18/2020
Fabulous. Thank you! She tuned in on so many things. Will definitely call again.
Menamezari 8/23/2019
Information about POIs was wrong based on history
eileen 8/6/2019
Really easy to talk with and very informative. Excellent and will contact her again. Thank you.
talkingwind 7/1/2019
Excellent at clearing negative cling-ons.
1907 5/8/2019
Very pleased with reading,definitely I will call back.
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