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Psychic Tara x4043
Experience: 13 Years
I'm away
Specialties Sex and Relationships, Work and Money, Mind - Body - Spirit
Tools Tarot, Past Life Interpretation, Dream Interpretation
Gifts Clairsentient, Clairvoyant, Empath
Style Direct
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Answers from Tara

Tell us about any formal training you've had developing your psychic abilities or helping others.

I have had the pleasure and honor of working and training with some of the most prolific mediums, psychics and teachers in the UK and India, including at the College of Psychic Studies in London. I am an accredited energy healer, psychic and medium and teach psychic development and meditation.

Are your abilities always on, or do you turn them off when you are in public?

As a person I love surprises- it's refreshingly nice to not know. Which is why I do simmer down (if not entirely turn off) my psychic skills outside the reading room. Learning to switch your skills off is often more important to mastering them and being able to integrate them into a balanced lifestyle.

Can people influence or change their own destiny?

We are all here to learn and grow in our own ways, and therefore have signed up to a masterplan for our time here. Some people call this masterplan 'destiny', but never doubt just how much you can shape and change it. Sometimes you can choose which path to walk; othertimes you can alter this plan completely by mastering the lessons it offers- the key is time. How you choose and exercise your freewill determines how your life unravels.

Describe any physical sensations you experience when giving a reading.

Giving a reading can be a lively experience, especially for a clairsentient empath like me! I can feel your excitement and your pain, love and grief like it were my own... and I can tell you where you feel it in the body too. Sometimes this can extend to feeling any physical discomfort- health or otherwise- you may be feeling. But thats not all- sometimes my guides use physical sensations to communicate with me- chills down the spine, feeling cold, tightness in the throat- its all part of the fun.

How do you handle telling a customer bad news that you see?

There is no good news or bad news.... there is only news. Good or bad is determined often by our reactions and abiity to respond to the news. Therefore when I sense that things may get challenging or tough, I don't just tell you what's coming- but why it is coming and what you did to attract this situation, the lesson it offers, and the best way to find your way through and out of it. After all no news is news forever!

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Tara's Ratings and Reviews
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8 Customer Reviews since Feb 2016
karleeyt 6/20/2018
Chat Reading
I appreciate your advice on 'energies', 'finding myself', 'the universe', 'being in touch with my spiritual self' etc, and you're right, in order to move forward these have to be balanced (for us all) but this is something I already knew and a 'common' response I get from psychics that doesn't really answer what I'm actually asking. Would've like to received direct answers to questions I asked instead of philosophical ones based on opinion, perhaps I didn't receive it as intended. Overall she wasn't bad but I finished up by paying for something I already knew and came out no different before the reading. Lesson learnt, perhaps that was the point. Thanks for your time, all the best.
quirogchic 3/19/2018
horrible she was upset that i was not happy with what she said i wasn t offended but coming from spiritual background she just not able to listen to where i was coming from, wouldn t even listen to what i was saying,
Sunny418 3/8/2018
nora11 5/23/2017
Very good reader, truthful and honest about what she sees and reads in the cards.
stepbald 8/15/2016
Chat Reading
Appreciate chat option, quick responses , overall good reading
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