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Psychic Tony x4042
Experience: 50 Years
I'm away
Specialties Sex and Relationships, Work and Money
Tools Tarot, Dream Interpretation, Spirit Guides
Gifts Medium, Empath, Clairvoyant
Style Direct
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Answers from Tony

Please tell us about your prior career before deciding to make psychic readings your life's work.

I am an artist and a teacher. I have a BS degree in Art Education and worked with special needs children for many years. I have also worked in factories, restaurants, and been a folk singer/songwriter, visual artist, counselor, lecturer and writer.

How did you discover you were psychic?

Since I was a very small child I have had vivid dreams and sometimes I thought my dreams were real. As a young teen I had a "life script dream" that was very clear and complex and full of symbolic representations of my whole future. I saw that I would have a long and difficult journey of a poor unknown artist ahead of my time. I studied religion, not only my own Roman Catholic faith but all other philosophies and religions of the world. I also studied psychology and mythology sand became fascinated by symbolic reality in TAROT, SYNCHRONICITY and NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE.

Can people influence or change their own destiny?

I believe the higher part of our own angelic nature created this world for us to act out our desires and refine our consciousness through experience from selfishness, ignorance, and violence; to love and compassion. We can walk the angelic road and never stray from our Greater Destiny, or we can wander off the Spirit Road following our folly and conceit into the dark twisted valleys of suffering, but we will always, eventually, no matter how far we roam, find our way back to that golden spirit path. Wise men and women, prophets, and psychics help us find the way back. That is why our work is so important.

How do you connect with those who have passed on?

I first take a deep and sacred breath to center myself. Then I reach out to my sister's spirit on the Realms Within. She is very sociable and everyone likes her and comes if she calls them. I then see very subtle visions and hear their thought in my head. I use the Tarot cards to symbolically send messages back and forth across dimensions. I have studied and traveled to the Realms many times in dreams and shamanistic visions. I know it well and I can often use my vision to see the Realms and interact with the spirits there.

What is important in your life other than being a psychic?

I am an artist of symbolic reality. That means that I am constantly looking for symbolic connections; visions and thoughts that inspire paintings, poems, songs, stories, essays, and poetry. I often make videos and perform folk music at local clubs and coffeehouses, on the streets and at open mics. I am active on social media. I have a few friends who often gather to play games such as Trivia and chess, discuss literature and spirituality. I also enjoy camping and hiking in the woods and fields and mountains.

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Tony's Ratings and Reviews
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79 Customer Reviews since Feb 2016
Citymouse3 1/7/2020
My reading with Tony was extraordinary. This was no basic tarot reading. My mind has been blown.
LadySan1966 3/26/2020
Tony does an amazing job I will use him again
Bendiciones 2/19/2020
Did not believe Tony but confronted my bf and found out Tony was correct!! I am still in shock. Both for what the bf was hiding and for Tony. Thank you so much Tony.
experienced45 1/16/2020
Pleasantly surprised!I had to rush out of the call but really wanted to keep listening. He really lifted my spirit and hit a lot of points that were specific to me (it felt like a reading for me and my work and previous relationships. Named signs, previous studies, and consistent wording that spoke with me. No b.s.
Mekaamina 11/18/2019
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