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Are celebrities' relationships better?

The public's fascination with celebrities is nothing new, but in today's high-tech instant world, their private lives are more exposed than ever.

Because celebrities lead such a high profile life, their relationships differ from "normal people" and they tend to suffer more consequences when things go bad or difficulties occur. And because there are so many unrealistic expectations placed on celebrity couples, they are constantly under the microscope and face the scrutiny of others.

Even though celebrities are judged by the public when they go astray, it's not uncommon for their audience to fantasize about having an affair with a famous heartthrob. In fact, many people have even discussed this with their significant others, giving them permission to sleep with their idol if they ever got the chance.

Despite the perception that celebrities lead a glamorous life, many people say they would do things a little differently when it comes to relationships if they were in their shoes - like spend less time being in the spotlight and more time concentrating on their families.

To that end, celebrities may seek out a psychic reading for input to see what they could do differently or better in order to have a more stable, "normal" relationship.

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