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Separate rebounds from true love

New relationships can be amazing. Each day is an exciting experience as you constantly learn more and more about your partner.

But if you're coming out of a bad situation, a simple rebound can feel just like true love as you try to move on.

Some of your friends on the outside might try to keep you from investing too much emotion into what they feel is just a passing phase. Others might tell you "just have fun" and figure everything out later. But as you are swept off your feet, it can feel so very different to you.

It's tough to separate what might be a lasting love and what might simply fade after a few weeks or months, especially when you're right in the middle of it.

See if having a psychic reading can help you figure out whether you and your current flame will burn out in a few weeks or whether you will be able to turn your relationship into something more in the future.

Being able to get a second opinion about your future may help you approach things with a better perspective.

If you're meant to be together in the long-term, then you don't need to overreact when your relationship hits its first rough patch. Every couple has their bumps. However, if it's just a short-term fling and you start to see more serious problems, don't overlook signs that it's not working out. 

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All "Videos" Posts
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